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Jun 16, 2021

In this episode, Lisa and Andy talk with Per Axbom. Most know Per as the co-host of the UX Podcast, but in this interview, we talk with Per about his research and work in design ethics, his first computer, and his experiences on one of the newer social media platforms, Clubhouse.

Episode transcript

About Per Axbom

Per has been working with computers since a child in the early 1980s and professionally with the Internet since the mid-90s. Today he is a consultant in UX, accessibility and digital strategy, as well as a speaker and writer on Digital Ethics. He has spent sent the last five years reading, teaching and having conversations around all the things that lead to negative impact in digital. The purpose being to become better at building and designing digital products that promote wellbeing and mitigate harm. It's not about hindering digital progress, Per says. It's about choosing the best direction for it.

He is the communication theorist born in Liberia. For two decades Per has educated digital professionals and helped organizations with usability, accessibility and UX. He has been blogging since 1997, podcasting since 2007 and is often invited to speak at international conferences. He teaches Ethics in design at vocational school Nackademin and is an advocate for responsible innovation.

Per makes technology safe and compassionate through design, coaching and teaching. You can hear his voice on UX Podcast, follow him on Twitter, read his  blog and buy his handbook Digital Compassion. The book contains tools and models for developing digital solutions that contribute to inclusion, sustainability and wellbeing.

Show Notes

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